Providing you all the solutions you'll need to gain freedom in your personal and professional life so you can roam free and without worry.

At Perennial Pride, I’ve partnered with experts in six vital disciplines to create a human-centered approach to your financial well-being. Together, we formed my Virtual Family Office (VFO), going beyond standard financial services. I aim to secure your financial future, help you excel, and embrace the Perennial Pride philosophy. With our holistic strategies, we can make your financial aspirations a reality while building a meaningful connection through our services.

The Hunt For A Better Future Is Just Three Simple Steps Away!

Schedule A Call

We will talk through what’s going on in your financial life and how we can help.

Strategy Session

We delve into client needs and goals, and align on the engagement model that best fits their unique situation.

Enjoy Freedom

We don't just qualify you; we educate you on options and implement solutions for lasting financial freedom and control.

Virtual Family Office Holistic Approach

Perennial Pride is committed to cultivating lasting prosperity. By placing human connections at the forefront, we build trust that becomes the bedrock of your financial success. Our Virtual Family Office will allow you to focus on what matters most—your flourishing legacy.


Wealth Management

Achieve your financial goals with our tailored Wealth Management solutions. Trust Perennial Pride to guide your wealth journey.


Risk Mitigation

Protect your investments with Perennial Pride’s Risk Mitigation strategies. We proactively assess and address potential risks.

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Tax Planning

Optimize your finances with Perennial Pride’s Tax Planning expertise. Minimize tax liabilities and maximize your earnings.

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Business Advisory

Boost your business’s success with Perennial Pride’s advisory services. Gain insights and strategies for sustainable growth.


Legal Services

Ensure legal compliance and protection with Perennial Pride’s expert Legal Services. We specialize in business law and dispute resolution.

Engagement Options

Account Only

Perfect For:

For those who only want and benefit from specialized life insurance, disability and annuity expertise including Infinite Banking

Benefit from our IBC, Life Insurance, Disability, and Annuities strategy expertise.

Initiate your financial journey with comprehensive strategy reviews for IBC, Life Insurance, Disability, and Annuities

Proactive Lite

Perfect For:

For those who value advice and only want to address a couple of key priorities periodically (e.g. annually)

Flat Fee of $1,000/year, payable from your accounts

Annual CIQ/MAP Planning, ensuring your finances align with your evolving priorities each year.

Proactive Full Check-up

Perfect For:

For those who are DIY’ers who realize that having expert help will be beneficial to address any gaps, but would rather manage most things themselves.

$3,600/one-time deal

Get access to the Virtual Family Office and Proactive Coordinator.

Proactive Core

Perfect For:

For those who value advice, who want holistic, proactive, ongoing guidance through the building of wealth stage of life.


Specialized investment management, state-of-the-art planning tools, educational wealth-building sessions, and flexible credits for bespoke consultations.

Proactive Retirement

Perfect For:

For those who value advice, who want holistic, proactive, ongoing guidance through leading into and during the retirement stage of life.


Meticulously preparing you for retirement with income and withdrawal strategies

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Wealth Beyond The Numbers

Wealth isn’t just about the amount of money you have in your investment or retirement accounts. It’s about the abundance of anything you want in life. It took me a long while to realize this, but my own financial journey enabled me – eventually – to see that gaining control over my own wealth would allow me to discover what I truly valued in life.

It would also allow me to build “wealth” in all areas of my life, not just the financial areas. That’s what I want to share with you in this book. I hope the lessons I learned on my financial journey will help you discover your own personal definition of wealth and utilize my strategies to help you build it.

Don’t Believe Us? Listen To Our Clients Roar…

“Tom has been a tremendous thought partner and advisor for several years. Under his guidance we have improved protection of our hard-earned assets, diversified our portfolio and we are strengthening our financial plan in the short and long term. Most importantly, Tom’s integrity and dedication to our best interests is unquestioned.”


“Over the past couple years, Tom has worked with me to determine the best investment opportunities that make the most sense for my situation that will benefit my family over the long term. I feel more confident through working with him that my family is set up for financial security for the future.”


“We feel MUCH more confident in our plan and approach to retirement income. Before we had all our investments in one basket and Tom helped us really gain a broader picture to make retirement safer by reducing our risks. Tom was extremely responsive and gave us all the options to make the best decision for our family.”

Steve S.

"Personal finances are always on that list of things you want to get better at managing, but you're not really sure where to start. So, you just let it evolve and hope that you'll keep making more money and it will all work out. However, since I started working with Tom all that has changed. I now have a greater grasp on my financial picture than ever before, and I actually have a strategy for getting my money to work for me, instead of it working for the bank. It's also a ton of fun to know that I'm not helping the banks get fatter on my money!"


"Tom Suvansri of Perennial Pride not only educated me on the idea of a whole life insurance policy, he also helped me realize the value and purpose it would serve in retirement and my family legacy. As a real estate investor, when I put this in motion, I couldn't help but share the message with my friends and family so they too can put their family legacies in a better position to grow, sustain, preserve and leverage their wealth through whole life insurance policies."