Be the Bank by starting a Family Bank

Those who have succeeded before you have done so because they followed a plan, and you can do the same thing.

As Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues.”

Taking notice of the clues are a good thing, however that’s not enough.  Taking OWNERSHIP of your situation, making a PLAN, and taking ACTION is the only way to bring your dreams to life.

I recall back in my childhood I wanted to be like Mike.  For those who are basketball fans (and even those who are not), you know I’m referring to Michael Jordan.  His natural skill and talents were undeniable, but he still had to have the mindset, work ethic, and drive to push himself to greatness.  We might not have his athletic ability, but we can all learn about how he continually pushed himself to reach his maximum potential.

As it relates to our financial lives, what’s one industry that we consider successful, understands how money works, and could be a good clue to help you successfully build wealth?  Well, banks of course!

Banking has become a part of everyday life for most Americans.   Where does all your money go once you’ve earned it (well after the IRS taxes their initial cut)?

That’s right, your bank account.  Massive dollars flow through the banking industry each day and a lot of wealth is stored in bank accounts earning very little in interest.  It can’t even keep up with the reported inflation rate which is essentially causing your wealth to erode each year.

And what do banks do with the money stored with them?  Well, they are certainty not sitting on it earning nothing.  They understand the importance of keeping money moving to produce more wealth;  they are just doing it with other people’s money…our money.

What if you could take over the banking function for your own family’s wealth and recapture massive wealth that would have gone to these third parties?  What if you could create your own Family Bank that would give you the control to finance anything in your life while also providing funds future generations to thrive?

The Family Bank is proven strategy that some of the wealthiest of families have used to generate massive wealth and perpetuate it for generations.

And you don’t have to be an executive at a bank or a Rockefeller to benefit.

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