(Infinite Banking Concept)

Perspectives on IBC with Chris Tormey - Part 1

In this nine part series, Tom is joined by fellow IBC Practitioner Chris Tormey to provide their perspective on Foundations of IBC. Today, in part one, they elaborate on the ...Infinite Banking Concept itself. They further discuss the characteristics of a good investment and how a well-structured whole life policy can provide benefits such as accessibility to cash, minimal market volatility, protection against inflation, and ultimate control of your wealth and finances. During this series, they will share the common misconceptions about IBC and shed more light on the many benefits of this way of thinking. Tune in over the next few weeks to learn more!

01:49 - Who is Chris Tormey and how he has been interested and involved in the concept of infinite banking for almost a decade
02:55 - The complex concept of IBC and make it applicable to life, beyond just finances
04:36 - Brief background of Nelson Nash's journey to creating the IBC
07:14 - The two major functions that banks serve in the economy and how IBC can serve as an alternative for one of them
13:- 40 Characteristics of the ideal investment
16:50 - Misunderstandings about the product providing the IBC platform and clarification about its characteristics
27:13 - Exploration of the mutual benefits between the insurance company and the policyholder in IBC

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