What did you find in your Easter Eggs

More than the typical Easter Egg Hunt

As my kids woke up and came down the stairs with anticipation of another Easter celebration, they came across our dining room table covered with a tablecloth.  Underneath were the expectations of all of their favorites such as chocolates and candies.

As they lifted the tablecloth, their excitement quickly turned to confusion as they stood staring at two baskets of raw potatoes.

Where were the goodies?  Where were the Peeps?

“April Fools!” exclaimed their mother.

Next up was the traditional Easter egg hunt around the house.  The boys furiously scrambled around the house grabbing eggs and piling them into their baskets.  They quickly collected all the eggs and were anxious to examine their loot.  Upon opening their first eggs, they soon realized again they were victims of their mother’s fun.  What were assumed to be candies turned out to be their dog Lucy’s treats.

After some laughs and thrown eggs, the kids were finally given the treats they were originally seeking.  Order was finally restored.

Although this was just some simple fun, it did have me reflect on how this relates to our personal finances.  Life can get so busy with our careers, family obligations and finding time to even exercise.


When’s the last time you took a broader look at your overall personal financial situation?


When would be the worst time to find out that your financial basket was filled with raw potatoes?


Through my work with clients, we’ve discovered that they were losing significant amounts of wealth unnecessarily from taxes and other costs while taking on more risk than needed. All it required was starting their own “egg hunt” to explore alternative and verifiable strategies with the goal of improving their financial lives.

Ready for the hunt?

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