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Life Insurance in Retirement - You may not NEED it, but here is why you may WANT it!

In this video, I welcome a friend, colleague, and expert on Life Insurance, Tom Suvansri to help us better understand Life Insurance in Retirement, and why we may say we ...don't NEED it, but also, why we may find that we WANT it!

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DISCLAIMER: This video is meant to contain only helpful hints and education. It is not specific tax, legal or investment advice, and is not intended to sell insurance or investment products. Before considering acting on anything you see in this video, first consult with your insurance, tax, legal or investment advisor.

While the information expressed in this video is believed to be accurate at the time it was recorded, neither Bryan McCloskey, MS, CASL® nor Revisionist Wealth/Revisionist Wealth Advisors, LLC make any guarantees to its accuracy.

Bryan McCloskey, MS, CASL ®, is an Investment Advisor Representative with Revisionist Wealth Advisors, LLC, an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm in Pennsylvania and Connecticut.
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