The topic of personal finances can be a very sensitive topic with emotions connections that require trust.  It’s our goal to empower others to become the best versions of themselves and own their futures.  We want to help you make an educated and informed decision about working with us.  Our six-step process will help us determine if we are a good fit, set expectations about our relationship, and begin your path to financial freedom.

Initial Phone Call

Let’s see if we are a good fit.  We’ll describe our full process for helping you evaluate OUR company and how we help potential clients make an educated and informed decision about Perennial Pride.  It’s also important for you to interview us and make sure we align with your goals and values.

Discovery Meeting

Our goal in the next step of our process is to answer any questions you have, gather information from each other, and to address any concerns you might have from our initial phone call.  We’ll identify your key goals and priorities. We want to help you decide if Perennial Pride is a good fit for your financial needs.

Educate and Analyze

During this step, our team will create a one-page financial plan tailored to your specific needs and goals that includes: Primary Goal, Protections, Savings, Growth, Debt, Cash Flow, and Taxes.  We’ll also send information that will help your decision making process as we prepare for your strategy session.

Strategy Session

This is when we’ll review your one-page financial plan and make recommendations to align and agree on next steps to implement solutions. We’ll take this time to reset our expectations, set expectations for our next steps, and answer any questions or concerns you have thought of since our last meeting.

Sleep On It

It’s important to us that you take the time to sleep on all the information we’ve provided you.  We want to ensure we’ve answered all your questions, released all your fears, and provided you with all the tools to begin your path to financial freedom.


Welcome to the Perennial Pride family!  We are so glad you’re here.  Now’s the time we create assets that produce passive income.  You’ll begin taking control of the banking process, and begin your family’s path to financial stability.  The financial future has never looked better.