Premier Trust Advisors Launch – My #1 Recommendation for Cash Flow

Investing for Income

Where can you put your dollars safely to get a healthy return in the form of regular monthly payments?

Not at a bank, through traditional annuities, or in money-market funds or t-bills, which are paying historically low rates.

Most bonds deliver disappointing results, and junk bonds promising aggressive returns aren’t a safe place for your dollars.

Dividend-paying stocks can decline in value and reduce their dividends drastically in downturns.

That’s why we’re recommending an income alternative that pays our clients high-single digit and even low double digit returns in steady monthly payments.

Our favorite income alternative is investing in carefully selected Bridge Loans. Utilizing short-term, first-position loans on commercial and investment properties, reliable monthly cash flow is maximized with minimal risk.

If you already have at least $25,000 in savings and are looking for healthy cash flow, we encourage you to get all the details about this cash flow alternative.

We have multiple options for bridge loan investments available for investors depending on your desired timeframes and whether you’re considered an accredited investor.

With ALL options:
● Your funds are secured with a high-value real-estate asset.
● Loan to value ratios are low – 65% or less.
● Properties are valued and vetted by a team of lending experts.
● Your money begins earning monthly payments immediately.
● You can invest outside of a retirement account, or inside a self-directed IRA.
If you are familiar with how private lending works, we believe you’ll be impressed with the lengths that the companies we recommend go to in order to provide a safe and profitable outcome.