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5 Reasons to Love Permanent Life Insurance

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Life Insurance is Valuable Asset Like your Home

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10 Life Insurance Myths

Myth #10: A Policy Loan is Borrowing Your Own Money

Myth #9: It Takes 20 Years to Break Even

Myth #8: If You Can’t Pay the Premiums, You’re in Trouble

Myth #7: Buy Term and Invest the Difference

Myth #6: You Must Pick Term or Permanent Insurance

Myth #5: After a Certain Age, Life Insurance Does Not Make Sense

Myth #4: Never Buy Life Insurance on Your Children

Myth #3: Only People with Dependents Need Life Insurance

Myth #2: Life Insurance is a Necessary Evil

Myth#1 Life Insurance is a Bad Investment


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Richest Man in Babylon Part 1

Richest Man in Babylon Part 2

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