Don’t Make Resolutions in 2021—Make a Realistic Plan

Study after study shows that we rarely stick to our New Year’s resolutions. Why? Because we tend to set goals that are way too ambitious, too vague, or too heavily influenced by what others tell us we should be doing—i.e., lose weight, get fit, save money.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

When it comes to setting financial goals, I’ve learned you’ll have a much better chance of success if you break down your objectives into specific buckets of your financial life: Protection, Saving, Liquidity, Growth, Debt, and Cash Flow. Just like your body, all the systems of your financial life are connected and can impact each other for good or bad. Seeing the bigger picture and how one decision impacts other areas can help you determine the best course to take.

However, to understand where to focus for improvement, you’ll need to know where you currently stand. Only through taking responsibility and facing the realities will you be positioned to obtain the financial freedom and success you desire.

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