Going on the Offensive

Wow, to say the least, we are in some interesting, if not scary times.

This email is not meant to be a “sky is falling” email…

It is more of a “Who is going to Stand Up” at a time of tremendous uncertainty.

I had a terrific conversation with a colleague this week about where some of the concern, challenges, and chaos comes from during a time like this.

Ultimately it comes from a primal concern for our families.


Concern for their well-being.

Concern for their health.

Concern for their finances.

Concern for keeping food on the table.


Family is such a big focus to me and am sure for you as well.

Who knows what the next few weeks have in store for us.

What I do know is my family is home with me now, and a new world of online school is taking hold.

How about other families?  How are they coping with the situation and how can we help each other.  That caused me and a few friends to stumble upon an idea to not only LEAD our clients, but empower OUR CLIENTS to LEAD their families through these tough times.

So we wanted to focus on OPPPORTUNITY by sharing ideas, curate content, and extend a hand where needed.


Check out this video we put together:  https://vimeo.com/397523007/9e2b9bee9e


There will be more coming.

Stay strong and safe.