How About a Little More Certainty in Your Life

What do you think your chances are that you’ll experience a plane crash?  Although you likely know it’s pretty low, you may be shocked to discover you have a 1 in 11 million chance of being in a plane crash.

The odds of experiencing one of the following are more likely:

Becoming the President of the United States:  1 in 10 million

Getting killed by a metorite:  1 in 700,000

Dying in a skydiving accident:  1 in 100,000  (I’ll keep my fear of heights, thank you.)

Living to 100 years old:  1 in 3 (With these odds, planning for the long-term is imperative)

Now what if you were walking on to a plane and the pilot said, “Thanks for flying with us today.  We should have a great flight.  By the way, we have a 85% chance of landing safely today.”

Now would you get on that plane?  I sure as heck wouldn’t!  That would require a lot of hope and praying.

Unfortunately much of the typical financial advice asks us to do just that…hope and pray.  We are told put every last dollar into government controlled qualified plans.  We are told the markets always go up and just wait out the storms.  What if that storm hits you right in the heart of your retirement years?  What will you do?  Obi-Wan Kenobi may be your only hope!

That’s why having some CERTAINTY in your financial strategies and approach is so important.  Having guarantees and the proper protections in place in your personal economy will help you better manage the storms that will inevitably visit your doors.  The time is now to put in place the strategies which will position you to prosper in times of change.  Waiting for it to come may be too late.