This Profitable Investment is IMMUNE to Market Fluctuations

The experts say that you’ve got to put your money on the Wall Street Wheel of Fortune and risk losing it if you want to have a chance of earning 8 – 12% growth over time.

We think that’s ridiculous.

My own risk tolerance is ZERO. I won’t do anything that I believe will cause me – or a client – to lose money.

But that doesn’t mean that we all need to be stuck earning pathetic rates of return in some super-conservative investment that grows at a snail’s pace.

Our alternative investment for growth can be used inside or outside of a qualified plan, but it has nothing to do with the stock market, housing market, interest rates, or other outside factors.

Known as life settlements (sometimes senior settlements), this little-known investment provides a way for investors to benefit from the secondary market for life insurance policies.

Most investors try to “GROW” their investments, hoping the value of their investments goes up.

With life settlements, investors BUY assets (or funds that buy assets) with a known future value.

Big difference.

One thing we love about life settlements is that they creates a true win-win.

For seniors nearing life expectancy who no longer need or want their life insurance policies, they can sell their policies and turn a death benefit into a living benefit they can use now. They are paid more for their policies than their cash value alone, so it is an attractive alternative for them.

For investors, the benefit is a rock-solid investment, backed with what may be the most secure asset known to Americans. Life settlements offer excellent rates of return based on actuarial math and insurance contracts, and NOT affected by financial markets, political events, or interest rates.

If you are looking to grow your assets without the risk of market downturns, we encourage you to request further information about life settlements.

Until not so long ago, they were only available to institutional investors. They’re still not for those just getting started, as you need to be able to commit $100k for 7-9 years to take advantage of this opportunity. If you can do that, you may never go back to the stock market again!

Rates of return have averaged in the low double-digits or very high single digits. This strategy can be used outside of or inside a retirement account, utilizing a self-directed IRA. You’ll need a minimum of $100k to get started with life settlements.

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