Prepare for Volatility

Having a plan for the key areas of your life is critical.  Without a plan the likelihood of reaching your desired outcomes and goals is greatly diminished and left primarily up to luck.

However, even if we make detailed PLANS, we need to PLAN that those PLANS will not GO according to PLAN.  Say that a few times.

Just like taking a plane ride, you’ll likely experience some turbulence along the way so having seat belts handy can be a life saver at a time it’s needed the most.

This requires taking responsibility and preparation which will give you the freedom and options to thrive instead of having to deal with less than ideal options.

Take for instance the millions of people heading into retirement and now need to figure out how to create the maximum income from the assets without running out.  Add to the mix a volatile market, potential for future tax rate hikes, and increased longevity.  This will leave many worried at a time they want to reduce stress.

Check out this short video that explains a challenge many will face heading into retirement, and what you can do to enjoy more freedom and control of your wealth.