Prosperity Pitfalls Checklist

What pitfalls are putting your prosperity in danger?

With the Halloween season upon us, I’ve had the fortune to attend a party with close friends and have some fun.  The kids were the stars with their varied costumes ranging from superheroes to zombies, however adults also participated to showcase they still had some “kid” left in them.

One costume which stood out to me was an adult who dressed as an Atari game console.  It took me back to my childhood in which I would spend endless numbers of hours trying to master the game called “Pitfall!”.  For those who did not have the pleasure of playing this game, the player was tasked with collecting treasures in the jungle while avoiding obstacles and hazards such as man-eating alligators.

This got me thinking about the many pitfalls we may experience with our goal to gaining financial prosperity and wealth.  Some dangers are transparent (queue the alligators with the Jaws theme music), while others have been masked due to the convention wisdom we’ve been taught.

To determine if there are dangers lurking within your personal economy, I’ve created a quick checklist to assess some of the key areas.