Secure the Financial Leaks Within Your Personal Economy

Secure the Financial Leaks Within Your Personal Economy

For those on the East Coast, we had to endure a nasty nor’easter on Friday that wreaked havoc on mass transit and local airports and brought significant rainfall, whipping winds, and unfortunately, some deaths to the area.

As I watched the storm from the safety of my home, I could not help but feel uneasy as the large trees around our home swayed back and forth with the gusts of winds and pounding of the rain.  Thankfully, we did not suffer any significant damage other than some debris and small branches from nearby trees.

However, given the amount of rain which had fallen, I wanted to inspect whether the basement area was impacted at all.  Upon inspection I noticed some significant water had accumulated due to some leaks in the basement walls.   Now that we have uncovered them, we can proactively address the situation before they cause any serious issues in the future.

As it relates to your personal finances, when is the last time you inspected your financial strategy and plan to determine if there are any serious leaks with your money?

Based on the typical financial advice on where to save and invest, many are losing potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars unknowingly to unnecessarily taxes, fees, interest, and opportunity costs while also taking on increased risk.


If this was happening to you when would you want to find out about it?

Finding the leaks within your personal finances can help you save and invest more of your money.  Watch the video below to see how it can impact you more than just seeking higher returns on your investments.